Songwriter and singer, Jennifer Edison, has penned and recorded a current but classic 12 song R&B album that takes its listeners on a journey of self reflection, challenging them to choose themselves, call out hypocrisies, dig deeper into their intuition, and appreciate the love they have around them. Being from the home of Motown with all music composed by her oldest brother, Charles Edison, this sibling songwriting duo imparts their Detroit perspective on R&B music.

Jennifer has been singing and writing since she was a young kid. She released two independent albums in the early 00’s and then went on to write with a major publisher as a songwriter. She has had song placements on LIFETIME, BET, MTV, FOX Sports, CMT and TLC. After being away from music for over a decade she is back and starting from scratch to release her new album, Evolution, in 2023.

This album comes as a passion project for her to simply get back to doing what she loves and give a voice to issues she feels are important, while building her audience one by one. With songs like “Black Girl” speaking to the stereotypes black women face, “Star” challenging listeners to find love within, to songs like “I Do” and “Some You” bringing that romantic love that R&B is known for, this album has something for everyone.